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Gaming and the Metaverse in the NFT

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We have something for everyone in

the Worlds Beyond NFT. Brain

teasers, magical quests, endless

adventures, teams games, special

giveaways, and more — with new

worlds and updates added every

month. Experience the vision of the

decentralized NFT metaverse in this

collection of 11,000 NFTs.

Seven Worlds

Hundreds of quests, mini-games, and activities wrapped up in 7 worlds and within a single NFT. Each world is unique and has its challenges and rewards. Think Steam, Stadia, and Roblox had a baby on the blockchain.

Nineteen NFTs

Yes, that's right, we're giving away up to 19 NFTs to each Worlds Beyond NFT holder, ranging from trading bots to rare, unique, and exclusive NFTs. The more scarce your Worlds Beyond NFT, the more freebies you will get.

Lifetime Rewards

Volume-based rewards across multiple chains, making for exciting speculation opportunities. Bridge your NFTs to chase better rewards or the highest sale price.


Worlds Beyond

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Main StreetRead more

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Adventure LandRead more

The ManorRead more

Wild FrontierRead more

World ExpoRead more

Preview the Worlds Beyond NFT

View on OpenSeaPreview on IPFS

Play on IPFS, directly on OpenSea, attach a domain, or download on your PC or mobile device. These are more than images you can use in-game, but rather each NFT is multiple full-fledged games and metaverses in one.


Early holders share 20% of sales

20% of sales from the Worlds Beyond NFT will automatically distribute amongst Worlds Beyond NFT holders. The earlier you buy, the more you get.

All holders share 10% of sales

10% of sales from the 250 World Expo NFT collections or 30,000 NFTs will automatically be distributed evenly amongst all Worlds Beyond NFT holders.

Lifetime royalties rewards

6% of the royalties from our 250 World Expo NFT collections come back to the holders. The rarer the Worlds Beyond NFT, the more you will get.

Free claims to exclusive NFTs

Complete the quests in each world to claim your free NFTs. Rare holders will get 19 NFTs, uncommon 13, and common get 7.

Whitelist to Snippets Token

Get your whitelist spot for the presale of the Snippets Token. The token will handle transactions and interactions in the Worlds Beyond and Snippets ecosystem.

First access to exclusive NFTs

Get exclusive opportunities to participate in future events, projects, and more. The future is looking Gorgeous!


Dec 2021 - Feb 2022

  • Develop Snippets Creator Platform
  • Announce Worlds Beyond
  • TIER-ONE Ticket presale on Solana

March 2022

  • Create contracts
  • Release IPFS and OpenSea previews
  • Release the roadmap
  • Website deployment

April 2022

  • TIER-ONE Ticket presale ends on Solana
  • Worlds Beyond claim for ticket holders
  • Worlds Beyond claim for Gorgeous holders
  • Extend sales on 5 chains


  • Release partner program
  • Launch Snippets token
  • Release Orbit
  • Claim your free Orbit NFTs


  • Release Main Street
  • Claim your free Main Street NFTs
  • Release affiliate program
  • Deploy Snippet token staking


  • Release Pirate Cove
  • Claim your free Pirate Cove NFTs
  • Snippets token CEX listings


  • Release Adventure Land
  • Claim your free Adventure Land NFTs
  • Snippets token as Worlds Beyond currency
  • Deploy play to earn Snippets Tokens
  • Update worlds with in game purchases


  • Release The Manor
  • Claim your free The Manor NFTs
  • Cyber Architect Battle for secret world


  • Release Wild Frontier
  • Claim your free Wild Frontier NFTs
  • Showcase 250 NFT collections
  • Deploy the Worlds Beyond DAO
  • Open Source Worlds Beyond


  • Release World Expo
  • Claim your free World Expo collection NFT
  • Extend collection NFTs to public
  • Reward and trading dashboard released
  • Snippets Bridge and Platform released
  • World Builder released


  • Invite more creators to build new worlds
  • More worlds... more games... more fun!
  • Holders take control via the DAO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Worlds Beyond?

Worlds Beyond is an NFT for gaming and metaverse enthusiasts. The special sauce is that the worlds play from your NFT. The Snippets team will get us started with seven worlds. However, Worlds Beyond will be made open-source and offer access for creators to continue growing collections of premium games — similar to Roblox, Stadia, and Steam.

What is Snippets?

Snippets gives creators and brands the tools and technology to build and sell world-class NFT collections. In Worlds Beyond, our remarkable platform makes our serverless and decentralized NFTs possible using AI and automation. These services aren't just limited to the metaverse and gaming, Snippets covers a wide range of creative outlets.

What is Gorgeous Token?

This team was formed to facilitate the development of several innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Using a combination of technology and strategic partnerships, our mission is to produce a viable yield generation for our community, whilst funding the services and applications required to support those in need.

Our first project was Gorgeous Token on BSC, which will see vast growth in our small community from sales made in Snippets, Worlds Beyond, and future projects. It's not a hype token.

Does the Worlds Beyond NFT have utilities?

Worlds Beyonds' first utility is simply to look gorgeous and challenge the notions of what an NFT can be. We've seen profile pictures as NFTs that allow access to the game or metaverse, yet we haven't yet seen the entire gameplay, metaverse, or eco-system built from within the NFT. Owning one will be a big flex.

The second utility is being part of the Snippets ecosystem, which includes discounts on future drops and feeless NFT creations.

Third, Worlds Beyond is the many remarkable rewards.

Finally, one of the utilities down the road will become when Worlds Beyond becomes open-sourced. With the right exposure and creators, you will see more titles and premium gameplay become available inside your NFT.

Stay tuned! It's limitless.

What is the purpose of the presale ticket?

The presale ended on April 8th at 11pm EST. A total of 732 tickets were sold.

The presale ticket is there to allow our early supporters the opportunity to pay less but earn more. Not only do you get a discounted mint price, but you also get to be first which yields higher rewards.

How many Worlds Beyond NFTs are available?

In total, only 11,000 Worlds Beyond NFTs will exist with the rewards. Each chain will be limited to 1,500 NFT mints, except for BSC, which has 2,000 to accommodate a 500 NFT giveaway to our loyal Gorgeous Token holders.

From this, 4% will rares, 31% uncommon, and 65% common. The rarity of each NFT is random and determines the number of rewards and NFTs a holder will earn.

After our roadmap is complete, Worlds Beyond will be opened for creators to submit new worlds to the DAO and as a community, you can vote to open up the NFT for everyone or not.

What is the price to mint a Worlds Beyond NFT?

The price for Worlds Beyond will be set in the native coin for each of the 7 chains. The price in USD is expected to be USD 750.

What are the royalities on the Worlds Beyond NFT?

The royalties on the Worlds Beyond NFT are 5%. Not to be confused with the 250 NFT collections from World Expo, which are paid back to holders.

When can I claim my rewards?

The first round of rewards will be automatically distributed when the Worlds Beyond NFT mint is sold out. The second will come when the 250 NFT collections from World Expo are sold out. Royalties will be distributed via smart contracts for the 250 NFT collections from World Expo each week thereon after.

How do I claim my free NFT's?

The NFTs are claimed in each world by completing the quests. We have also created a dashboard on the NFT where you can claim each NFT.

Why are we launching on seven chains?

Simply, Snippets offers contract deployment across multiple chains and we wanted to showcase this in Worlds Beyond. Each chain will be limited to 1,500 NFT mints, except for BSC, which has 2,000 to accommodate a 500 NFT giveaway to our loyal Gorgeous Token holders.

Where can I play Worlds Beyond?

Play anywhere. Play Worlds Beyond effortlessly across your favorite devices. Mobile, tablet, VR, desktop, or even your TV. All you need is access to an internet browser and your Web3 wallet.

What are the system requirements to play?

Each world may contain its own system requirements.

Recommended global requirements:
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Browser: Chrome/Edge/Brave
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Quad-Core 3GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: 2 GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 3 GB available space

Minimum global requirements:
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Browser: Chrome/Edge/Brave
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Dual-Core 2GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 3 GB available space

Is Worlds Beyond created entirely by Snippets?

The entire gameplay and narrative for the first seven worlds have been created by the Snippets Team. However, some worlds contain licensed 3D assets like buildings, objects, and characters. The claimable NFTs are unique and created by the team of Snippets and our collection partners.

Minting on five chains

Think Steam, Stadia, and Roblox had a baby on the blockchain and you own and earn from it.

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