Worlds Beyond Partnerships

Instantly join the Orbit metaverse and create 1000's of apartments for your community as NFT's. They are free, run entirely in IPFS, play in OpenSea, have zero cost to run, and are fully decentralized.

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Within minutes, bring your community into the metaverse. Each apartment is a unique NFT where your holders can hang their art, party with friends, and promote your project.

Step one - Generate NFTs

Step one - Generate NFTs

Getting started is simple, and only takes a few minutes. Simply, select your apartment style, and click create to generate NFT apartments for all of your holders.

Step two - Get your claim link

Once the NFTs are generated, you will get your claim link. Using this link, your holders will be able to claim their NFTs for free and play directly inside of IPFS or OpenSea.

Step three - Unlock custom builds

Step three - Unlock custom builds

Want your own arcade, sporting venue, or kiosks to promote your project? No worries, your holders can unlock custom builds for you by purchasing the full value of the Worlds Beyond NFT.

Apartment styles

Your home in ORBIT metaverse

The Loft
Preview coming soon

Apartment 2
Preview coming soon

Apartment 3
Preview coming soon

Apartment 4
Preview coming soon

Apartment 5
Preview coming soon


Display and share NFTs

Let your holders showcase and share their art, collectibles, or other NFTs right inside each NFT apartment.

VR compatibility

Your NFTs extend the immersive experience, with each apartment and the Orbit Metaverse is compatible with VR headsets.

Play in OpenSea and IPFS

Your NFTs incur zero cost, have no dependancies, and are fully decentralized. Simply, these NFTs can be accessed anywhere, and anytime.

Customise colors and designs

Let your holders customize their NFT apartments to match their own style and personality.

Share and play with friends

Every NFT apartment has a unique link on IPFS that your holders can share. Letting them play with their friends right inside the NFT apartment.

Easily access the greater Orbit metaverse

To enter, your holders can simply buy Worlds Beyond at their front door. As they do, you'll unlock custom experiences for all of your holders.

Unlock custom experiences

The goal of our partnership program is to increase the users in WorldsBeyond, the Orbit Metaverse, and bring attention to your project among 125 other communities. To achieve this goal, each of the NFT apartments will allow your holders to mint a Worlds Beyond NFT with ease. To reward your community and holders for minting these, we'll build more personalised and custom experiences for your project that all holders can access. Here are the three steps to unlock your custom 3D experiences.

Holder Lobby - 100 mints

Holder Lobby - 100 mints

Your lobby, themed around your project, will be available to your holders. Work with our cyber architects to give your community a space to chat, interact, and welcome new holders.

Skins/Avatars - 150 mints

Skins/Avatars - 150 mints

Bring your art to life with 3D avatars and skins as NFTs. Available for your holders to use in the Orbit Metaverse and throughout multiple upcoming releases in Worlds Beyond.

Anything you like - 200 mints

Anything you like - 200 mints

Simply, if you hit this goal, we'll create any custom 3D experience for you. Maybe it's a sports stadium, nightclub, or shopping kiosk. Whatever it is, we'll build it.

Generate your NFTs

Within minutes, bring your community into the metaverse with their own apartment NFTs.

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